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Eric Starker



New York – Jeffrey Hornstein – My most recent, color headshots.  Highly recommended.

Seattle – David Hiller – Also very professional, high-quality shots.


San Francisco Fellow Actors:

Austin Ku – Austin is a talented young tenor who I have had the privilege of working with on a number of projects, including cabaret nights at Anju, The MeshugaNutcracker!  and Insignificant Others.

Eli Newsom – Eli appeared with me in Goin’ dot Com! – very talented, funny, and a triple threat to boot.

Stephen Pawley – A versatile character actor who is great to work with – we appeared as father and son in Two Words, Three Letters.

Robert Anthony Peters – I seem to run into him everywhere – another young actor about town.

Phil Talsky – Another character actor about town, though I worked with him as a sound engineer – he did sound for Rice Cracker.


Seattle Fellow Actors:

Harry Turpin – Harry is a talented young actor/singer/dancer who I worked with in Seattle on a school tour of Puss in Boots– he’s currently in the national tour of Annie.

Dom Zook – Dom is a filmmaker, actor and producer – I appeared in his yet-to-be-seen short Hot Crotch Duggins.


Voiceover Links:

Voicebank – A voiceover actor database for casting directors

The Voiceover Bulletin Board – A great resource and networking spot for voiceover talent.


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